worry about friend

I’m worried about someone I know.

It’s often really hard for someone with an eating disorder to ask for help. They may not even realise there’s something wrong.

How they might look

Someone with an eating disorder might:

  • Look like they've suddenly lost weight
  • Look like they've suddenly gained weight
  • Be constantly tired & sluggish
  • Start wearing baggy clothing
  • Always be cold (even when it’s warm)

How they might feel

Someone with an eating disorder can be:

  • Worried about food or eating
  • Turned-off by foods they normally like
  • Angry, frustrated or nervous around food
  • Unhappy with their body shape or weight
  • Depressed about themselves in general
  • Tired & unwilling to do the things they normally enjoy

How they might act

Someone with an eating disorder may: 

  • Diet, fast or change the way they eat
  • Become obsessed with foods and what they will or won’t eat 
  • Be angry, anxious or secretive around meal times 
  • Eat in secret or avoid meals  
  • Be unusually sensitive when talking about food, eating or their body
  • Have no sense of control when eating
  • Disappear to the toilets after eating
  • Steal or hide food 
  • Claim that some foods are ‘good’ and others are ‘bad’
  • Be obsessed with exercise