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Looking after yourself and your friends.

Eating well and staying healthy is very important. It can also help reduce the risk of an eating disorder.

Healthy eating tips

  • Eat regularly and routinely (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Aim to eat with family and friends whenever possible 
  • Become involved in preparing or cooking your own food – cooking healthy means eating healthy! 
  • Take the time to eat and enjoy your meals
  • Eat a variety of foods (fruits, vegetables, meat & poultry, dairy, cereals and grains) that can sustain you and give you energy   

Other ways to stay healthy

  • Exercise in moderation, for fun (e.g. go for a jog with friends) and non-competitively
  • Balance school and study with fun activities
  • Talk to someone or see a doctor if you are feeling unwell
  • Talk to someone if you’re feeling depressed, upset, anxious or stressed 

Boosting self esteem

  • Accept who you are and be proud of it!
  • Talk positively about yourself and others
  • Acknowledge and celebrate that everyone is different and unique, both on the inside and on the outside
  • Do things that you enjoy each day (e.g. hobbies, time with friends)
  • Listen to a friend if they are expressing concerns and find ways to help